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IMM Chronicle August 2015


Lorenz Rhode on tour with Detroit Swindle
Detroit Swindle from Amsterdam are one of the most celebrated house acts of recent years. For their new live setup they’ve been joined by IMM graduate Lorenz Rhode on synthesizers, Rhodes and talk box. They played their debut show at Dour festival in Belgium, including a talk box version of their hit 64 Ways (originally sung by Mayer Hawthorne) and a guest appearance by Seven Davis Jr, who has just released his album Universes on Ninja Tune. Their next shows will be at Weather Summer Festival Paris on September 12th and Amsterdam Dance Event.


Scholarships for Cité Internationale des Arts residency in Paris
Audio and Video major Aaron Jablonski and Music and Media major Gregor Keienburg have been awarded scholarships to the Cité Internationale des Arts. As part of their 3-month artists' residence, they will have an opportunity to live and work in a studio at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.
The Cité Internationale des Arts hosts 300 visual artists, musicians, composers, dancers, writers and filmmakers from 50 different countries and provides space for them for creative work and for advancing their artistic training.


Concert with the Hollywood composers Jeff Rona and Peter Gregson
On August 20 the two film composers Jeff Rona and Peter Gregson were featured on Soundtrack Cologne as well as the c/o pop Festival in the Kleiner Sendesaal des WDR [small WDR broadcast studio]. This concert is being converted to visual form by the two Music and Media students, Andreas Huck and Patrick Arnold, together with Andreas Kolinski, assistant professor for Computer-assisted Media Composition.
in addition, on August 21 Andreas Kolinski will perform twice with his Scheibenreiter/Kolinski (Jazzsick-Remixed) project in the Live at Elektro Müller series in Düsseldorf.


Music Production Workshop in Ruanda
Engineering graduate Andreas Stickel, a graduate of the Audio and Video Engineering program spent three weeks in Rwanda, Africa. While there he taught Music Production major concentration courses in the Media Designer program at the Rwanda Media Project, which is supported by the DW Akademie, the GIZ, and the Europäischen Filmzentrum Babelsberg [European Film Center Babelsberg]. In addition to basic contents on the topics of sound, acoustics, microphone technique, and audio post-production, with the assistance of Andreas Stickel the students composed a song of their own, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered it.
In August the album Evropi by the band Sea and Air, which Andreas Stickel recorded and in which he plays bass, will be released on German label Glitterhouse Records.


Martin Sasse in New York City
Martin Sasse, lecturer for Pop Keyboard/Jazz Piano is traveling to New York City as part of the Blue film project by documentary filmmaker Christoph Felder.
There he will be meeting numerous jazz greats to chat and to carry out interviews with: Dennis Mackrel (leader of the Count Basie Big Band), Vincent Herring (former saxophonist with the Art Blakey Messengers Band), Steve Grossman (former Miles Davis saxophonist) and Dick Oatts (artistic director and lead alto sax player for the Village Vanguard Big Band).
In addition, Martin Sasse will play his first concert on August 17 in the capital city of jazz at the Smalls cult club in Manhattan. There will be a dream ensemble on the podium: Peter Bernstein on guitar and John Webber on bass – both also members of Jimmy Cobb’s Cobbs Mob band – as well as Joe Farnsworth, long-time drummer of the Wynton Marsalis Band.


Grandbrothers to perform live at c/o pop Festival
A concert by the grandbrothers will take place August 22 at the Kleiner Sendesaal des WDR im Funkhaus Wallrafplatz [the small WDR broadcast studio at the Wallrafplatz building] as part of this year's c/o pop Festival in Cologne:
“Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel founded the Grandbrothers in 2011 while studying at the IMM in Düsseldorf. Taking inspiration from artists such as John Cage and Alvin Lucier, it quickly becomes apparent that their music emerged from the concert grand. While Erol Sarp is primarily a pianist, Lukas Vogel places a stronger focus on the electronic and technical side of their art. Together they create a sound which combines classical music, electronic tonal aesthetics and state-of-the-art production.
Now the two Düsseldorf-based artists are releasing their debut album, Dilation. It is the result of two years of work involving further sound research carried out by Erol and Lukas in the direction of minimal, ambient, IDM and techno music. Classical and innovative, expressive and emotional, while keeping one foot on the club dance floor.”


Marc Matter receives Karl Sczuka promotion
After a long-term collaboration between Dagmara Kraus and Marc Matter, head of the Music and Text major concentration at the IMM, the lyric noise text Entstehung dunkel [genesis from darkness] was completed and broadcast by WDR at its Studio Akustische Kunst [Acoustic Art Studio]. The two have now been awarded the Karl Sczuka promotion, which will be conferred on October 18 at the Donaueschinger Festival.
The main prize will go to one of the most important veterans of acoustic art, Gerhard Rühm, who also gave a lecture at the IMM BASECAMP.





News from the IMM major concentrations


Classical Music Recording:
IMM students at this year’s Young Artists’ Festival Bayreuth
The Young Artists’ Festival Bayreuth involves young musicians from various nations, and has the goal of fostering international contacts as well as promoting artistic studies in master classes, chamber music, choir and orchestra projects. 
Once again, in August this year, students from the Audio and Video and Music and Media bachelor programs will be taking part in the audio engineering workshop as part of the festival which has the motto Culture: in crisis. Peace? this year. Not only do these workshops bring musicians together from a wide range of countries, the exchange of experience in all areas of popular music production is also a key area of focus. The coordination of this year’s workshops will be in the hands of the IMM students Nadine Minderjahn and Jonas Geyersberger. A total of 21 IMM students will be taking part this year.
The image film on the audio engineering workshop in Bayreuth made last year by Matthias Kulow provided a good impression of the work of the students in Bayreuth.


Media Composition:

European Talent Award Confers Best Sound Design Prize
The cooperative work of Armin Badde and Raffael Seyfried, students completing the Music and Media degree program, made a very positive impression on the European Talent Award, a key event of Soundtrack_Cologne. Their jointly created soundtrack score for the film Oma by Karoline Raeymaekers was recognized by the international jury members.
Composers Bruno Coulaid (The Chorus / Les choristes), Aleksandr Pantykin (Musulmanin), music supervisor Pia Hoffmann (Schoßgebete), music journalist Kai Löffler and sound designer Oliver Achatz (3 Türken & ein Baby) awarded Armin Badde the Best Sound Design Award, commending his work for “truly bringing the figures and settings of the story to life. His approach of combining sound effects and ambience makes the images breathe. The sound design is very organic, well balanced, and convincingly tells the story of the film.”
Raffael Seyfried received an Honorable Mention for “a fragile, effective and economical composition which interacts with the sound design in perfect synchronicity. His music supports the story with pleasing simplicity and a high degree of sensitiveness."


Music Informatics:
In the course of the summer semester, seminars focused on a small number of core topics in Music Informatics. Experiments in assigning significance in formal systems were carried out using an interactive eight-channel sound system, which on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the death of  George Boole sought to bring together all the results of the previous semester with the help of four-bit sound. The work with bit-wise audio synthesis continued these efforts at the temporal level. The joint work on the sonification of archaeological artifacts was informative and led to interesting sound results. Continuation of reading of extracts from Hegel’s Wissenschaft der Logik [Science of Logic] provided insights into the important concept of the mechanical. A workshop on the possibilities of new instruments and interfaces in electronic music showed how modification of instruments can itself become part of everyday music practice. The semester closed with a concert by the Experimental-Combo in which acoustic and electronic instruments were combined in new improvisational formats.


Music and Audiovisual Media:
Long-term audio-visual observation
The second meeting of the Liebhaberorchester NRW [amateur orchestras in North Rhine-Westphalia] will take place in May of 2016. By participating in various workshops, attending musicians will be able to perform in part of the final concert. Preparations, which are already under way, and the event itself will be documented in a film by Audio and Video major Sören Klitzing. A documentary film and live recording of the concert will conclude the audiovisual project.


Music and Media Management:
Organizing a live concert recording
The organization of a concert recording can be described as a project of medium complexity and successfully carried out through the application of project management methods. Students in the upper-level module Music and Media Management learn to apply general project management tools to a wide variety of projects in many forms.
A number of tasks have to be completed in preparing for a professional concert recording (among other things, securing rights, development of a staging and recording plan, scheduling rehearsals, coming up with a technical concept and providing equipment), and these must be structured in terms of both timing and organization as work packages. Relevant competencies and channels of communication, as well as realistic time management are significant factors for the success of a project. In addition, the goals of the project should be defined in advance, and risks, which could jeopardize the success of the project, need to be analyzed. During the early planning phase, an agreed-upon definition of the project goals and risk analysis will facilitate the motivation of a project team consisting of approximately a dozen people with varying qualifications. To achieve this, the project manager needs to have skills in facilitating exchange within groups,also part of the upper-level module.


Music and Text:
CD by Armin Mieth released
Motivated by the aesthetic quality of Foley samples, especially those with a (para) linguistic level, Armin Mieth has composed an hour-long noise composition, which is accompanied by an additional, constant melody fragment performed on a synthesizer.
Armin Mieth, a former Music and Media student, makes systematic use of an entire foley sample database of film sound effects in his piece. During the course of the composition, the sounds appear to become more and more similar to the human voice and speech, but without saying anything concrete – an open-ended piece of art in the best sense. The track has now appeared as a CD on the Chocolate Monk label, and Matt Krefting, a prominent figure in the noise music scene, said the following on the label's website: “Weirdly hypnotic, the kind of thing that lets your ears perk up to eagerly pick up detail while the rest of your body melts into the couch.”
The work was produced in the project module of the Music and Text major concentration.


Visual Music:
Visual Music clips for Grandbrothers
How can artistically shaped worlds of images and the live performance of a band be combined into a music video? The motion picture designers WARPED TYPE, who specialize in visual music, explored this question. The group, which includes the two Music and Media graduates Andreas Huck and Roland Nebe, and the Audio and Video alumnus Florian Breuer completed a series of clips for the Grandbrothers duo, who also studied at the IMM.
The track Naive Rider marked its video premiere as a pre-release to their debut album Dilation on the website of British music magazine FACT TV.. The video for the piece Arctica was presented by the US music magazine XLR8R and  reviewed in the well-known music blog Stereogum and elsewhere. The images prepared for the clips were also used as visuals during the release concert at Düsseldorf's Salon des Amateurs and at the Contre-temps Festival in Strasbourg.
Visual Music major Roland Nebe prepared the series of six visual music clips as his bachelor thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling.


Music Production:
Silver Award at the 138th AES Convention in the Student Recording Competition
At the world's most important competition for students in the audio engineering industry, Audio and Video student Johannes von Barsewisch earned second place honors with his production of the jazz/hip-hop title Do it all (working title Rise and shine) by the Cologne band Salomea-Project. Salomea-Project members are Rebekka Salomea-Ziegler (vocals), Leif Berger (drums), Jannis Angst (keyboards), Olli Spielberger (bass) and Nick Reinhartz (percussion), all students at the University of Music and Dance Cologne.
An extended play release of six songs was produced in Sound control 1 and Studio 2 of the IMM and was also a final thesis for the upper-level Music Production module. Johannes von Barsewisch was responsible for production, recording and mixing. Fellow students Lukas Lohner, Kai Schlegel and Daniel Langemann were sound assistants. The project was supervised by Prof. Werner Roth.


IMM Chronicle July 2015


Anne Lucht to join Flickerpix project in August
Audio and Video Engineering graduate Anne Lucht will team up with the Flickerpix animation studio in Holywood, Northern Ireland starting in August. Flickerpix is developing a new children's series and has hired the freelance animator to help animate in the production. Anne Lucht will be working on the pilot episode with other animators and illustrators.
Two years ago the IMM graduate was already a member of the animation team for the successful five-part series five fables developed and produced by Flickerpix and broadcast by BBC.


Patrick Kabré feat. Palanteeroo
In March this year the four IMM students, Audio and Video majors Nicolas Neteler and Maximilan Sauer and Music and Media majors Valentin Link and Simon Stimberg toured Christoph Schlingensief's Opera Village Africa in Burkina Faso. The purpose of the journey was to set up the local sound studio, get into contact with musicians from the nearby capital of Ouagadougou and network with people in the local music scene.
On July 16, one of the most exciting young artists from Burkina Faso, Patrick Kabré, is coming to Düsseldorf on his European tour and will be giving a concert with Valentin Link (string bass), Max Sauer (violin, guitar) and the Burkinabé drummer Ezekiel Nikiema at the Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf. Their style of music is somewhere between Afro jazz, blues and folk.
Simon Stimberg will document the evening as part of the undergraduate project for his Music and Audiovisual Media major.


Marc Matter to guest curate in New York City
The ISSUE Project-Room, one of New York City's definitive institutions for new music, sound and  performance, is currently working in close collaboration with Marc Matter, who is responsible for the major concentration Music and Text at the IMM, on a contemporary sound poetry and acoustic literature festival and conference. In a genre at the intersection of poetry and music, texts, voices, sounds and both poetic and musical concepts are variously combined in often surprising ways.
A similar festival – the Wortsampler –  already took place this year at the Betonbox and the IMM and was curated and organized by Music and Media major Florian Zeeh.


Netwars wins Grimme Online Award
The interactive web series netwars / out of CTRL from the cross-media production of the same name, which addresses cyber war and cyber terror on the Internet, has won the Grimme Online Award in the Knowledge and Education category – only a few days after the media reported a hacker attack at the German national parliament, the Bundestag.
Andrew Mottl, graduate in engineerin, was responsible for sound design of the Web doc, the TV documentary and the graphic novel app and fellow engineering graduate Christian Barth composed and produced the music. Both Mottl and Barth earned degrees in Audio and Video Engineering from the IMM.


Concerts: Jazz, Pop, Experiment and Improvisation
There will be concerts in the Instrumental/Vocal (Jazz/Pop) course to conclude the semester.
On July 13, all the ensembles from the combo seminar are performing at the 3rd IMM Ensemble Evening at the Café Freiraum of the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf. From Jobim to Jessie J to George Duke and Bruno Mars, there will be a wide range of styles on the program.
On July 7, the improvisation/experimental ensembles will already be getting together for a session at the 1st IMM ImprovSession in the Experimentalabor. Only own compositions by the students will be played, which were worked out in the present semester in collaboration with the program of studies in Music Informatics.

Second Place at Düsseldorf on Stage
Maike Gönnemann, a student in the B.Mus. Music and Media program earned second prize at the Düsseldorf on Stage competition with her song Made of Steel, which she composed during her semester abroad at the McNally Smith College of Music. In the US she also made the acquaintance of Adi Yeshaya, who arranged the track, and Chopper Black, who produced the song. Maike Gönnemann has made a positive impression with a band before a large audience at the Düsseldorf Mitsubishi Electric Hall.


Drone and Drum Synthesizer at the Rapid Ear Movement Festival
On June 28 Milan Schell, a graduate of the B.Mus. program Music and Media, played his electro-acoustic drum synthesizer with the Duo Pixanfonax of Jürgen Palmtag and Emmerich Györy at the Rapid Ear Movement (REM) Festival in Bremen. In Charlemagne Palestine’s Mischpoke he played the analog virtual drone synthesizer with VB Schulze’s Bernsteinzimmer,, Reinhart Hammerschmidt, David Wallraf and several Fisher Price toys dubbed singing assholes.


Sampling in Pop Music
On July 16 Waltraud Blischke, lecturer in Speaking and writing on music, will be a guest of the Student Council of the Technical University Chemnitz, and will speak on Sampling in pop music. A lecture on the aesthetic standards and attributions of a cultural technology between homage and distinction, and how, on the eve of culture jamming, storage devices translate a destructive demolition of the original into an anti-consumer practice of recognizable citations. In the aesthetic free-trade zone the mantra of technical possibilities may corrupt the fetish Pop and its high cultures of the virtuoso, but when even the anti-illusion lands on the compost heap of musical history, what is the point of sampling any more?




News from the IMM major concentrations


Classical Music Recording:
Auditory perception of the Auro-3D 9.1, 5.1 surround and Stereo 2.0 formats
Charel Bourkel, a Musik and Media major is investigating Auditory Perception of the Auro-3D 9.1, 5.1 Surround and Stereo 2.0 formats in his bachelor’s thesis. His research topic focuses on the question of whether Auro-3D 9.1 offers a considerably better listening experience than conventional stereo and surround sound formats. In order to answer this question, three different ensembles were recorded and produced in three separate rooms in their respective format, all at 96 KHz. Excerpts from these productions formed the basis for a listening test in which the three formats were compared in terms of the following parameters: the listening space, localization and tone color.


Media Composition:
Support for Nepal
The Freundeskreis Nepalhilfe e.V. [Circle of Friends Nepal Help] group has been operating two institutions for needy children and young people in the crisis-ridden country of Nepal. In the context of the project module, Music and Media majors Philipp Reimann (composition) and Patrick Arnold (sound design) are currently working with Nepalhilfe director Ulrike Schmidt. In addition to covering the current crisis in the wake of earthquakes in recent months, Reimann and Arnold are preparing a documentary about the work of the association in Nepal, including the story of two children given shelter by the Nepalhilfe program.


Music Informatics:
Modalities of sonic interaction
A mode of interaction is the circumstance of a situation that makes certain moves possible, some impossible, some easy, and some difficult. Electronic music instruments can be played not only within one mode, but an instrument can also give access to mode changes while playing. This is particularly interesting where the instrument is combined with a computer music language. The workshop by the artists and composers Marije Baalmann and Wouter Snoei gave an introduction into the Modality toolkit, a programming language library, which simplifies creation of highly personalised electronic instruments by introducing a common code interface. It unifies the access to HID, MIDI, OSC and GUI-based controllers, as well as switching of functionality, even at runtime.


Music and Audiovisual Media:
Cassadó Piano Trio
In the third full-day workshop in the summer semester, upper-level Music and Audiovisual Media students worked on multicamera production techniques. Students Wonyoung Jung (violin), ChiHo Choi (cello) and SeoJin Yoon (piano) played the piano trio by Spanish composer Gaspar Cassadó. The ensemble is mentored by Prof. Georg Schenck. Supervised by Jonas Geyersberger (director), the recording was prepared with the help of detailed cut lists and completed on July 1 in Studio 1 of the IMM. Kai Detlefsen was the recording producer.


Music and Media Management:
Contractual agreements for commissioned compositions and production services
Agreements for commissioned compositions and production services in the music industry are unique because they include elements of service or work and licensing agreements. Musicians are already confronted with this kind of agreement during their studies or at the latest when first beginning work as freelance professionals. Cases involving commissions for TV jingles, film music and commercials are examined in relation to projects and their practical implications because problems repeatedly occur regarding the scope of supply, warranty against infringement or acceptance.


Music and Text:
Musicians and DJs visit from Brussels
On July 25, IMM students majoring in Music and Text will be meeting with the following musicians and DJs from Brussels: Catherine Pleinvaux, label operator and DJ, Ernesto Gonzales aka Bear Bones Lay Low, Mike Crabbe aka Weird Dust and Eva van Deuren aka Orphan Fairytale. The visitors will talk about their lyrics, liner notes for recordings and the never-ending search for the prefect album title. They will have music, records and flyers along to help explain the relationship of text to sound and visuals.
The guests will perform at the Salon des Amateurs that evening at 10 p.m.


Visual Music:
Halfway There
The upper-level course in Visual Music runs for two semesters. After the first semester, the twelve students present their concepts for their first extensive Visual Music production. In the lecture series Concept, Planning, Production by Andreas Kolinski and Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling, the group worked on conceptualization, realization and communication related to audiovisual production practice for visualization of sound and music, and will now apply this knowledge in the coming semester.
The outstanding projects completed in recent years can be viewed online.


Music Production:
Silver Award at the 138th AES Convention in the Student Recording Competition
At the world's most important competition for students in the audio engineering industry, Audio and Video student Johannes von Barsewisch earned second place honors with his production of the jazz/hip-hop title Do it all (working title Rise and shine) by the Cologne band Salomea-Project. Salomea-Project members are Rebekka Salomea-Ziegler (vocals), Leif Berger (drums), Jannis Angst (keyboards), Olli Spielberger (bass) and Nick Reinhartz (percussion), all students at the University of Music and Dance Cologne.
An extended play release of six songs was produced in Sound control 1 and Studio 2 of the IMM and was also a final thesis for the upper-level Music Production module. Johannes von Barsewisch was responsible for production, recording and mixing. Fellow students Lukas Lohner, Kai Schlegel and Daniel Langemann were sound assistants. The project was supervised by Prof. Werner Roth.