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IMM Chronicle September 2014


Moglebaum publishes an EP
Moglebaum, a band from Düsseldorf, is bringing its first official single onto the market. The Drunken Mind EP includes three titles: Drunken Mind, Trust and Leaving the Baby. The powerful, soulful voice of the singer Franziska Geiß wanders through worlds of sound, filled with extraordinary trumpet samples, rich synthesiser harmonies, staccato vocal samples and dreamlike melodies. The songs were recorded and produced by Music and Media student Simon Ebener-Holscher. This means that the electronic live combo Moglebaum is now part of the House and Techno label Just Move Records from Johannesburg in South Africa.


Assistant professor at the Zurich University of the Arts
In addition to his freelance work as a TV and video director, Audio and Video Engineering graduate Torben Schmidt Jacobsen works as an assistant professor at the Zurich University of the Arts. For three years he has been supervising the second semester students of the design department’s CAST / Audiovisual Media program in multi-week modules, together with other assistant professors. The content includes the implementation of multi-camera productions as well as live streaming in an internet portal specifically developed for this purpose. In autumn this year he is supervising the CAST classes in the third and fifth semesters during the Zurich Film Festival as they create short video contributions, and passing on the knowledge, particularly regarding journalistic and cinematic questions, that he acquired during the years of working as an author for radio and TV. His tasks include support on the set as well as later acceptance of the contributions and if necessary cross-media processing.
Torben Schmidt Jacobsen will be visiting IMM on 8th January and will present his work and his career development to the students on the Mentoring / Professional Areas module.


A lot of football in the summer of 2014
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Lemmer, Audio and Visual Engineering graduate, won the third place television prize from the Verband Deutscher Sportjournalisten [Association of German Sports Journalists] in spring, with his report Auf Schalke mit Jody Strauch [In the Schalke stadium with Jody Strauch].
Subsequently, his film Was hast du gemacht? - Erinnerungen an WM-Spiele [What did you do? – Memories of World Cup matches] was also broadcast shortly after the opening game. The film deals with the question of why certain World Cup matches are often remembered for decades. Thomas Lemmer went on a search for the personal stories behind these games.
And finally Thomas Lemmer, as well as two other Audio and Video Engineering graduates, Caroline Bergmann and You-Jin Chang, filmed the World Cup final alongside 10 other VJs in more than 50 completely different places worldwide for the 26-minute Deutsche Welle production Your Final. Caroline Bergmann was at a fish market in Japan, You-Jin Chang was in New Zealand and Thomas Lemmer was in Berlin.


Semester abroad at the McNally Smith College of Music
Music and Media student Maike Gönnemann has arrived in Minneapolis, in the US State of Minnesota. She will be studying at the McNally Smith College of Music for the next six months and has chosen the majors Music Performance - Voice and Music Technology - Production. The McNally Smith College of Music is one of the IMM’s partner institutions and is located in St. Paul, which together with Minneapolis forms the so-called Twin Cities in the USA (MN). At this college of music the musical focus is on pop music, and McNally Smith has, among other things, a wide range to offer in the Singer-Songwriter department. The technical facilities of the studio are up to date and to a high technical standard.


Lorenz Rhode remixed Jan Delay
In the new single Sie kann nicht tanzen [She can’t dance], Jan Delay sings of the absolute dream woman with only one single flaw. IMM graduate Lorenz Rhode has produced a Synth Funk Remix of the guitar-based original. The single is available from Universal, including as Vinyl, and also includes a remix by DJ Dynamite (Dynamite Deluxe / Samy Deluxe).


Music for The Neverending Story
Audio and Video Engineering graduate Felix Rösch is currently working on the music for the six-part WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) audio drama The Neverending Story, based on the novel of the same name by Michael Ende.
Part of the music will be rehearsed and recorded in the four days from 8 to 11 September in the Kölner Philharmonie by the symphony orchestra of the WDR. Another part will be produced by electronically altering recordings of various soloists. The entire audio drama, from recording the orchestra to mixing, will be produced in 5.1 surround sound. There will be a public rehearsal in the Kölner Philharmonie on 11 September from 12:30 to 13:00 hours.
The audio drama, as well as a separate soundtrack, will be available from December both as a CD and to download from the Hörbuch-Hamburg Verlag [Hamburg audio book publishing company].




From the IMM majors


Major Media Composition:
Es ist nicht so, wie Du denkst [It’s not what you think]

The topic of Music and Media student David Joris’ Bachelor project is Trapped in the closet, the hip hopera (or RnB-Opera) by R. Kelly. He addressed both the narrative and compositional conceptual design as well as the audiovisual realisation of the 33 episode long hiphopera, with the goal of creating his own German RnB-Opera titled Es ist nicht so, wie Du denkst [It’s not what you think]. Alongside detailed analysis, the work includes a script and storyboard as well as demo takes for the project, and was supervised by the professors Andreas Grimm and Manfred Waffender.


Major Music and Audiovisual Media:
Filming in Italy
Music and Media students David Füsgen, Moritz Hils and Alexander Kühn will be in Tuscany, together with Prof. Manfred Waffender, from 13 to 26 September. The IMM team has been invited by the College for Music and Art Montepulciano to support the participants of this year’s annual project with the theme: ÜberSetzen. Die zeitgenössischen Künste als fremde Sprache(n) [The contempory arts as foreign language(s)]. The goal of the filming trip is to produce a 60 minute documentary film.
The College for Music and Art Montepulciano is an academic institution of the art and music colleges and universities of the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. It encourages interdisciplinary co-operation between students and assistant professors, with the goal of developing new approaches to art and music. The period in Italy will be used by the IMM students to complete work in the Music and Audiovisual Media major.


Major Music and Text:
Plunderphonics & Found Footage
The Music and Text seminars are continuing on the topic of various forms of sampling and appropriation of foreign material which is based on voice and speech. An example in this area is a distorted yet still recognisable interview with Ronald Regan, which the audio artist and theorist Douglas Kahn published on a flexi-disc in 1982. In this context the Sonic Outlaws documentary is also interesting. It paints a portrait of various US American bands and groups of artists who do not just work with samples of music and speech, but also reuse other media, from film and videos to billboards, under the heading Culture Jamming.


Major Visual Music:
Start of the 5th Visual Music Night
In October, the core module in the major Visual Music starts again. As a highlight at the end of the module students celebrate in Düsseldorf's Salon des Amateurs on the last day of the winter term. In preparation for this about 20 students in the seminar Musikvisualisierung im stillen Bild [Music Visualisation in Silent Images] by Christian Schäfer design the posters for this event and in the seminar Musikvisualisierung im bewegten Bild [Music Visualisation in Moving Images] by Tim Fehske design the live visuals for the fifth Visual Music Night.


IMM Chronicle August 2014


Kunstpunkte Düsseldorf
In this year’s Kunstpunkte Düsseldorf, Florian Zeeh, a student on the Music and Media program, is once again taking part with his studio community. Since 2012, he has been organising the publicly supported off-space BETONBOX together with Mavi Garcia and Bernhard Kucken.
For the opening of the Kunstpunkte, Florian Zeeh and Mavi Garcia are showing the third part of their performance trilogy Schwarze Kiste [Black Box]. The Schwarze Kiste works like a reverse version of the Panopticon developed by Jeremy Bentham. It is a room, from which the private interior of the box can be monitored by many observers at once. The audience look through spy holes in the large, oval, black box – while they themselves remain unseen.
In the third part of the trilogy, a banal conflict is sparked inside the box. The observers invade the private togetherness with their eyes and are present during the existential struggle for respect and freedom. The performance series, which reaches its conclusion this year with the third part Schlafstörung [Insomnia], raises questions about the private sphere, freedom of self-realisation and work ethic.


Jazzmarathon at IMM
Audio and video recordings led by Johannes von Barsewisch and Richard Eisenach have been taking place at IMM under the title Jazzmarathon. From 31st July to 2nd August, there was a different band every day as a guest at IMM, each with a different ensemble, from either the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne or the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen. Each band played two 45-minute sets live in Studio 2, while the camera team filmed the event under the direction of Richard Eisenach. Johannes von Barsewisch was responsible for the audio engineering.
The camera team was made up of the IMM students Lukas Baumgart, Moritz Hils, Jonathan Kastl, Vitaly Kohmann, Sophie Körner, Tine Marzi, Nicki Schulze Frenking, Moritz Schuster and Frederick Weißel.
The musicians were Yannis Anft, Moritz Barancyk, Leif Berger, Alexander Dawo, Friedeman Dittmar, Bennon Gössel, Justus Heher, Philipp Humburg, Michael Knipschild, Torben Schug, Jonas Vogelsang, Fabien Witte and Sven Ziebarth.


Hans W. Koch at the National Chiao Tung University
The transArt team at the National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan has for the second time invited Hans W. Koch, the assistant professor for Hybrid Sound Composition, to a workshop.
Just like in November 2013, this workshop is about the artistic guidance and support of student teams from the areas of architecture, applied art, and music as they prepare an exhibition in the Digital Art Center Taipei in September 2014.




From the IMM majors


Major Classical Music Recording:
Productions in Bayreuth – Young Artists Festival
This year, 12 IMM students once again had the opportunity to collect a variety of recordings in diverse areas of classical music at the Young Artists Festival Bayreuth. The choirs from Armenia, China, Iceland, Jordan and Portugal provided evidence of their skills in various locations in the Bayreuth area, such as churches and concert halls. By recording these performances, the influence of each hall’s acoustics on the resulting tone could be directly compared. A further highlight of the month-long festival was the consolidation of all five choirs into a 120-member ensemble.
In addition to a string quartet production and chamber orchestra recordings, the partially- staged performances of the opera class required flexibility and expertise from the participants.
This year, the IMM team was coordinated by Jeff Schiltz and Kai Detlefsen, students on the Music and Media program. Prof. Dagmar Birwe is responsible for the cooperation of the IMM with the Young Artists Festival Bayreuth and supervised selected recordings on site.


Major Media Composition:
Rise of the Titan
Production music, which is music composed and produced for use in many different types of media rather than being commissioned for a specific purpose, is the topic of the Music and Media student Markus Roser’s bachelor project.
He has analysed the history and parameters of the production music market, especially the trailer music segment which has an important function in the marketing of feature films, but is also used in advertising campaigns for computer games or sporting events. After detailed analysis of current examples of the genre, Roser applied the composition and production principles that he had analysed to develop his own piece of trailer music, Rise of the Titan. The work was supervised by Prof. Andreas Grimm and Andreas Kolinski, assistant professor for Computer-based Media Composition.


Major Music Informatics:
Epistemology and Music Informatics
In a two-day seminar from the Principles of Artistic Research series, Jochen Otten (ZKM) presented philosophical arguments that relate to a core area of epistemology. Working from a chapter out of Goodman’s Languages of Art, the participants discussed, amongst other topics, the effect of things in a piece of art that cannot be directly perceived, and by looking at the role of objects for Immanuel Kant, fundamental terms such as identity and synthesis became clear. Intensive discussion and analysis of philosophical texts has links with the study of programming, according to the new conclusion: in both areas, the aim is to solve problems that do not have a predetermined solution.


Major Music Production:
Firlefanz at IMM
On 6th and 7th August, the Cologne band Firlefanz were guests in IMM’s Studio 2 as well as the studio’s sound control room. Together with Music and Media student Charel Bourkel, in these two days, a total of 31 work hours, they produced five complete typical Cologne songs, two of which were original compositions and the rest covers.
Firlefanz is primarily established in the carnival scene. Their music is heavily influenced by bands like Kasalla, Bläck Fööss, etc.


Major Music and Audiovisual Media:
Image film for the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media
Music and Media program student Stefan Haupt is looking for filming locations in Düsseldorf together with the cameraman Frank Sidenstein. The topic of Stefan’s planned Bachelor thesis is: Produktion eines Imagefilms für die Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf [The production of a promotional film for the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media Düsseldorf]. The film should be two and a half minutes long and show off not only the many different facets of the School of Music, but also the state capital on the Rhein. The director is still looking for musicians among his fellow students who are happy to perform in front of the camera. The music will be produced by Sebastian Heuckmann as his Bachelor thesis in the Media Composition major. Matthias Schwarz, head of the School’s public relations department, has taken on the role of the customer for this project.


Major Music and Media Management:
New Assistant Professor for Music and Media Law
The music publisher and music consultant Frank Kühl will be taking over the Music and Media Law lectures in the Music and Media Management major starting from the coming winter term. The company he founded in 1997, Smarten-Up Musikverlag, supports both national and international authors. As an advisor for artists and companies, he knows about all contract types in the music industry from experience. Additionally, Frank Kühl is a long-standing music consultant at mediafon, the advice network for freelancers at ver.di, and regularly works as a freelance assistant professor.


Major Music and Text:
Philosophical Investigations and Sample-Poetry
During the semester break, the students of the specialisation module Music and Text are concentrating in more detail on the texts of the late Ludwig Wittgenstein, the Philosophischen Untersuchungen [Philosophical Investigations], in which the functions of language and words are critically and unflinchingly analysed. In addition, there is a debate taking place with the radio producer, book author and Sample Poet Gregory Whitehead, who lives on the east coast of the USA and is unfortunately little-known in this country. Whitehead developed an extremely original style in his radio essays and features, which is characterised by hybrid documentary formats as well as unconventional themes and sound design. He is the author of numerous audio poems, which are almost entirely based on speech samples from foreign sources. In his artistic research he is also focussing on the various forms of screams – for this he ran a telephone hotline over which people could supply their screams.


Major Visual Music:
Hikiko sucht die Einsamkeit [Hikiko searches for solitude]
Stop-Motion films require a clear concept and a lot of commitment. For his Bachelor project in the Music and Media program, Markus Zimmermann developed the story of Hikiko, who withdraws into his room and creates a world of his own.  In the Making Of Hikiko sucht die Einsamkeit the viewer discovers how both, not only Hikiko but also the filmmaker, shut themselves in their rooms, away from the outside world.
This outstanding Bachelor thesis was developed in the Visual Music major, and the Making Of as a project in the Music and Audiovisual Media major.
Gregor Keinenburg, Music and Media student, was responsible for the film score, which uses themes from Franz Schubert’s song Einsamkeit from the song cycle Winterreise.