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IMM Chronicle July 2016


Premiere of Blue
On September 25, Cologne-based pianist and IMM assistant professor Martin Sasse will be premiering the film score for Blue at the Odeon cinema in Cologne. The well-known documentary filmmaker Christoph Felder accoompanied “Europe's best straight-ahead pianist” (JazzPodium) for two years at many concert appearances. The result is an unconventional and atmospheric feature-length black-and-white movie which takes viewers along on a memorable journey from Cologne to New York.


New EP features Purple Disco Machine and Lorenz Rhode
The two house and disco acts Purple Disco Machine and Lorenz Rhode have released a joint track entitled Birds as part of the Black Jukebox 15' EP on the Berlin-based Exploited Records label. The song owes its genesis to a sampling aesthetic: an instrumental Latin production by IMM graduate Lorenz Rhode forms the basis of the piece, which was sampled, looped and filtered by Dresden Purple Disco Machine in 1990s house style. The song climbed to #25 on the Beatport Deephouse Top 100 charts. On the occasion of the release Lorenz Rhode also put together his latest mix tape for the Exploited Records podcast. Rhodoes is currently working on other cooperations with Purple Disco Machine, which usually releases music on Defected Records.




News from the IMM major concentrations


Music Produkction major concentration:
Mixing big band sounds in control room 2
In the Mischung einer BigBand [Big Band Sound Mixing] workshop, Daniel Rheinbay, Jonas Scheeler and Jannis Lehnert, who each completed the upper-level module supervised by Prof. Werner Roth and Stephan Friedrich, mixed a live recording of a Tobias Becker Big Band concert. The recording was made in January 2016 at the Bix Jazz Club in Stuttgart. Their focus was creating a solid basic mix so that students can continue working independently on the material. Mixing was done in Sound control room 2 on a Stagetec Aurus.


Music and Media Management major concentration
Copyright and related rights
In the upper-level Music and Media Management module, Music and Media Rights focuses on differentiating between copyright and related rights. While a contract with a record label transfers the so-called master rights, it is more difficult to understand copyright and its possibilities for transferring the right of usage. In the utilization of music, two rights must always be obtained by users such as labels, broadcasters or film producers. On the basis of this knowledge, tape acquisition and artist agreements are analyzed and discussed regarding ancillary copyright on the one hand and, on the other, exclusive author and music publishing agreements. Covering these aspects of copyright makes it easier to understand the areas of activity of performance-rights organizations and collecting societies such as Germany's GEMA and GVL.


Music and Text major concentration:
Text and Score - Speech Duo - Predatory Breathing
On July 15, the painter and lyricist Angela Fette and composer and artist Christian Jendreiko will be guests in the Artistic Text seminar. Angela Fette is not only a member of the music duo WEISSER WESTEN [WHITE VESTS] but also performs as a text and sound art soloist. She will talk about her own projects as well as the vocal part she narrates on the Vision Vulkano recording done in collaboration with composer Christian Jendreiko, who is also active as an artist at the hobbypopMUSEUM. Jendreiko will also present his text scores, which serve as the notational basis for music performances of epic dimensions.


Visual Music major concentration:
Falk Grieffenhagen to be sessional lecturer for Visual Music Systems
Beginning this October, Falk Grieffenhagen will be a sessional lecturer at the IMM in Visual Music Systems in the Visual Music major concentration. Falk Grieffenhagen completed a degree in Audio and Video Engineering at Düsseldorf’s Robert Schumann Hochschule and University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and subsequently studied jazz saxophone at the Cologne University of Music, with minors in clarinet, flute and piano. After various sound control, gaming and visual arts projects, since 2013 he has been a regular member of the group Kraftwerk and as video operator is responsible for programming the group’s current 3D stereo concert show.


IMM Chronicle June 2016


Thomas Holz selected as official artbeat endorser
Audio and Video major Thomas Holz is now officially endorsing artbeat products. With immediate effect, artbeat will be providing Holz with a wide range of drumsticks and brushes to be used by his bands No Border and Fil der Protagonist.
Fil der Protagonist is an up-and-coming group including two IMM students Paul Wunder (electric bass) and Thomas Holz (drums). The four members of the band combine hip-hop and jazz while combining fixed song structures with improvisation. They won the potpourri festival competition in Mönchengladbach in May. The band also produced the video for the song Supermann from its recent EP release, Die Verwandlung [The Metamorphosis].
The band No Border emerged from an initiative which demonstrates against xenophobia and raises awareness about refugee policies. The music of No Border is influenced by rap, pop and Latin American genres. No Border consists of six refugees as well as IMM students Sebastian Fecke, Marek Forreiter, Thomas Holz, Mariella Laubengeiger and Paul Wunder.


360° music video for Moglebaum
The Moglebaum band, including Music and Media students Simon Ebener-Holscher and Jonas Geyersberger, is producing a 360° video of their new release Forever Wild at Studio 1 of the IMM.
The event service company PRG XL Video made the newly developed virtual reality camera Nokia Ozo available for the session. The camera, with eight lenses  and a real-time monitoring function, will soon be released on the market. In collaboration with audio engineer Fabian Knauber, a 3D representation of the room will also be created, making a 360° listening experience possible.
Düsseldorf University students Niklas Petau and Lars Emmering are responsible for lighting and will be using LED trees developed especially for the band.


Studio5 Open House
On June 24, the Media Department of the Universitay of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf will be holding its traditional Studio5 Infotag [open house] so prospective students can familiarize themselves with programs of study offered by the university. Those interested must register for the event.
The IMM will also be on hand with an information booth and is offering tours of the institute's sound broadcasting van and video broadcasting van. In addition, Prof. Andreas Grimm, Dean of the Institute For Music And Media, will give a talk highlighting the Bachelor degree programs Audio and Video as well as Music and Media.
The course of study in Audio and Video is offered in cooperation with Düsseldorf's Robert Schumann University of Music and Media and the Media Department of the University of Applied Sciences HSD in Düsseldorf.


The Other The Self
As part of the The Other The Self series Marc Matter, assistant professor of Music and Text at the IMM, is giving a workshop at the Klangkunstraum QO2 (Brussels) in which various aspects of the voice will be explored in artistic texts, film, radio as well as in everyday use of language. Special attention will be given to the use of synthetic voices in communication media and a focal point will be the relationship between voice, language and gender. In addition, two sound poems by Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven and Beth Anderson will be performed as group improvisations.


Students earn awards at the 140th AES Convention
From June 4 to 7 the 140th AES Convention was held in Paris by the Audio Engineering Society. A small delegation of students completing a Bachelor's program in Music and Media or Audio and Video who had qualified for the final rounds of the Student Recording Competition and Student Design Competition went to the convention.
Lukas Lohner won a Silver Award in the Student Design Competition. Lukas Hierl and Max Bier won a Gold Award.
In the Student Recording Competition Simon Schwär earned an Honorable Mention in Traditional Acoustic Recording while Simon Ebener Holscher won a Gold Award in the Modern Studio Recording & Electronic Music category and Patrick Arnold also won a Gold Award in the Sound for Visual Media category.
With a tally of three Gold Awards, a Silver Award and an Honorable Mention, the students were the most successful delegation from Düsseldorf to ever compete in this competition.


Neo Magazin Royale: Live in Concert with IMM students
Jan Böhmermann and his ensemble performed a farewell Music Special on the well-known German satirical late-night talk show before the summer break. The 14-member Ehrenfeld Rundfunktanzorchester [Radio Dance Orchestra] was founded for the Neo Magazin Royale: Live in Concert broadcast and featured conductor and arranger Albrecht Schrader as well as IMM graduate and arranger LLorenz Rhode. Taking turns with the regular show band, Dendemann & die Freie Radikale, the orchestra performed the top music videos from two and a half years of Neo Magazin such as Ich hab Polizei, Be Deutsch or V for Varoufakis.
Many IMM students were involved the production: Kai Holzkämper was in charge of sound, Alex Werth collaborated as a composer on many pieces, Tom Vermaaten was recording engineer and sound mixer. Others involved in the broadcast were Julian David as sound mixer, Christian Kreymborg as live FOH sound mixer and Michael Hohnstock as sound assistant. Ehrenfeld Rundfunktanzorchester guitarist Matthias Krämer performed a contemplative rendition of the protest song, Der Marder [The Marten].
The entire episode is available on the ZDF-Mediathek and as an Album on iTunes, Spotify, etc.


Musical image film for Volvo CE
The film team of the Cologne-based design agency GROSSE8 including IMM alumni produced a musical image film about factory workers at the Volvo plant in Hamelin, Germany. With their supervisor Manfred Borsch (directing, editing, camera), others involved in the project were Stephan Telaar (camera, editing), Julian Scherle (composition), Robert Keilbar (sound design) and Markus Rosensträter (drone operator).




News from the IMM major concentrations


Classical Music Recording major concentration:
Big Bang
On June 5 the University Orchestra of the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media is being recorded as part of the Big Bang concert series at the Tonhalle Düsseldorf concert hall. The concert will be led from the podium by participants in the conducting workshop given by conductor and professor Rüdiger Bohn and Axel Kober, Music Director of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein. The University Orchestra will play the Manfred Overture by Robert Schumann (conducted by Lautaro Mura) and the Cello Concerto by Antonín Dvořák (conducted by Seitaro Ishikawa, soloist: Michiaki Ueno), Skogsraet, Op. 15, by Jean Sibelius (conducted by Hossein Pishkar) and the Seventh Symphony by Jean Sibelius (conducted by Axel Kober).
The recording team, consisting of Celia Ruiz, Marek Forreiter and Vincent Stange (auditorium technicians), Paul Linke and Marek Peperkorn (sound engineers) and Sebastian Fecke (audio engineer/Tonmeister), uses the IMM’s new sound broadcasting van for the project. The live concert recording is part of coursework in the upper-level Classical Music Recording module.


Media Composition major concentration:
Sound and loop
In the summer semester seminar Loop-oriented Composition, which forms a part of style studies and exercises for the major concentration, assistant professor Andreas Kolinski is introducing the most important digital and analogue sound synthesis approaches for structuring music and incorporating them in synthesis-based compositions. The objective is to analyze electronic sounds and to integrate them into your own signature compositional style. As a final step, the skills gained are used in a remix combining several styles.


Music Informatics major concentration:
Inca telefax. Listening to pre-Columbian administration without understanding a word
The Open Data Institute of London is to include a site-specific installation within its Thinking Out Loud exhibition. The installation will be based on the system used for sonification of archaeological data developed within the Music Informatics major concentration at IMM with Dave Griffiths, Hans W. Koch und Prof. Julian Rohrhuber. The sound installation places contemporary day-to-day office administration of open data side by side with largely still not understood quipu, administrative data from the Inca civilization stored in plaited threads. The Thinking Out Loud exhibition is supported by Arts Council England and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and runs from July 15, 2016 to March 31, 2017.


Music Production major concentration:
Band recording workshop with the Cologne band Pulsar Tales
On June 14, a band recording workshop supervised by Prof. Dieter Falk and Prof. Werner Roth will be held as part of the upper-level Music Production module. The song The World Is Shutting Down by the Cologne-based fusion pop band Pulsar Tales will be produced using an overdub method, with a rhythm group, strings and a brass section. An SSL 4000G+ in Sound control room 1 will be used for recording with Studio 1 (for the rhythm group and brass section) Sound control room 2 (for strings) used as  recording venues.
For several weeks after the workshop, students will post-edit the material and create a final mix. Next semester, the production will be mixed again in a joint workshop under the supervision of the instructors.


Music and Audiovisual Media major concentration:
Multi-camera video production
The courses in the two-semester, upper-level Music and Audiovisual Media module are grouped around five one-day seminars on different audiovisual recording methods. In this context, on June 22nd those participating in the module will use a multicam setup to record two chamber ensembles directed by Shushan Hunanyan (piano). The program features the Liebeslieder Waltzes by Johannes Brahms for four singers and piano for four hands, as well as the opening movement of the Sextet for Woodwind Quintet and Piano, Op. 100, by Francis Poulenc.
The solo vocal quartet features students Anna Raabe (soprano), Sarah Breslin (mezzo-soprano), Lorenz Rommelspacher (tenor) and Johannes Wedeking (bass). The woodwind quintet features Sophia Aretz (flute), Rafael Aguilar (oboe), Jeremy Chua (clarinet), Ermir Quirici (horn) and Enrico Toffano (bassoon). Robert Weinsheimer will perform on piano as well. Lukas Prinz is the sound engineer and Sarah Zabel and Tobias Kemper will be in charge of video control.
The recordings will take place at Studio 1 of the IMM. The video broadcasting van, which was recently upgraded for HD productions, will also be deployed.

Music and Media Management major concentration:
Foundations of copyright law
Key principles of copyright law are the main focus of the first-semester Music and Media Law course in the Music and Media Management major concentration. Music pieces are used to illustrate to students for example the right of quotation or common copyright violations are analyzed and the legal consequences worked out with reference to the text of the law. Taking various licensing models as a basis, the way specialist lawyers determine damage claims is explained and how they attempt to exert such claims within a short period of time using industry-specific knowledge. With regard to infringements of rights, the revised version of the Notification article in the German Copyright Act is discussed. This legal provision is of considerable importance in an online business-to-consumer (B2C) context.


Music and Text major concentration:
The relationships between the voice, individual use of language, identity and gender are currently the focus of discussion in the upper-level Music and Text module. Among other areas, students explore the general issue of identity as an individual and as a member of social groups, and the extent to which identities are necessary as social functions.
In addition, selected poems by the poet and artist Christopher Knowles will be heard and discussed, with a  focus above all on the collaboration of Knowles with stage director Robert Wilson and the Philip Glass opera, Einstein on the Beach.


Visual Music major concentration:
Alternative forms of music notation
As part of the Visual Composition and Rhythm course taught by Christian Schäfer, Assistant Professor of Visual Composition and Graphic Design at the IMM, music visualization in the form of notational systems are dealt with outside our classic European systems of notation. Alternative forms of music notation are explored, including those used by musicians such as Anthony Braxton or the Notations collection compiled by John Cage.
In the practical workshop Stille Post [Chinese Whispers] students prepare their own graphical system of notation, which other participants set to music. At the beginning of the winter semester, these works will be exhibited at the SITTart-Galerie of the Verein Düsseldorfer Künstler [Association of Düsseldorf Artists].