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IMM Chronicle August 2016


Unterbrechung unterbrechen [Interrupting interruption]
An intensive exploration of algorithmic methods and the liberation from purpose caused Florian Zeeh to develop the Unterbrechung unterbrechen bachelor project, which takes a critical look at contemporary cybernetic self-organization and self-discipline. In his performance, Florian Zeeh confronts himself and the audience with the surprising stability of a freely improvised arrangement. In its basic handling of algorithms and the reflection on their political and aesthetic implications, this project carries out an important step in the discipline of Music Informatics.


IMM Chronicle July 2016


1. Documentation of the LGBTIQ* Queerfugees project
On July 5, as part of the Hin und Weg 2 [Off and Away 2] series of films on the refugees and the consequences of flight, the Medienprojekt Wuppertal screened a film entitled Ajay about 28-year-old Ajay of India. In the film he talks about his experiences with homophobia and racism in India and Germany and his way of dealing with it.
This film is the firs in the Queerfugees project which highlights the stories of refugees who are gay, lesbian, trans*, inter* or otherwise non-cis/heteronormative.
The project was initiated by IMM student Simon Forster with the support of the Medienprojekt Wuppertal and Schlau Düsseldorf and is still looking for people willing to share their experience (anonymously if desired). More information about the project is available in English, French and Arabic on the project homepage.


Indigenous modernity
Indian scientific philosopher Prof. Dhruv Raina teaches and carries out research at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi as well as, among other institutions, at Heidelberg University. In his seminar given at the IMM on June 20 he discussed the revision of the idea of modernity with Prof. Julian Rohrhuber and IMM students. Underlying the term is a new and more precise historiography which shows that, as has been the case for many centuries, a bidirectional and intercultural transfer of knowledge has taken place. What knowledge is, where it originates and in what media it formulates itself become key questions in this regard.


The sans-papier as a first-class citizen
The Third Symposium for the History and Philosophy of Programming made the history of operating systems its focus and applied philosophical methods in analyzing its principles. It took place in Paris at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers on June 25. In his paper entitled The sans-papier as a first-class citizen. Tracing the object as a symptom in and of a history of problems Prof. Julian Rohrhuber drew links between problems of formal logic from the early 20th century, programming paradigms and political philosophy and asked: What position can the inexpressible or unutterable have in a system?


Premiere of Blue
On September 25, Cologne-based pianist and IMM assistant professor Martin Sasse will be premiering the film score for Blue at the Odeon cinema in Cologne. The well-known documentary filmmaker Christoph Felder accoompanied “Europe's best straight-ahead pianist” (JazzPodium) for two years at many concert appearances. The result is an unconventional and atmospheric feature-length black-and-white movie which takes viewers along on a memorable journey from Cologne to New York.


New EP features Purple Disco Machine and Lorenz Rhode
The two house and disco acts Purple Disco Machine and Lorenz Rhode have released a joint track entitled Birds as part of the Black Jukebox 15' EP on the Berlin-based Exploited Records label. The song owes its genesis to a sampling aesthetic: an instrumental Latin production by IMM graduate Lorenz Rhode forms the basis of the piece, which was sampled, looped and filtered by Dresden Purple Disco Machine in 1990s house style. The song climbed to #25 on the Beatport Deephouse Top 100 charts. On the occasion of the release Lorenz Rhode also put together his latest mix tape for the Exploited Records podcast. Rhodoes is currently working on other cooperations with Purple Disco Machine, which usually releases music on Defected Records.


(Never) change a running system: Performance art between coding and dance
On July 5 and 6, New York City choreographer and programmer Dr. Kate Sicchio is presenting her exceptional artistic approaches and will join in the work sessions for the Music Informatics module. During the two-day event students and guests from various universites in North Rhine-Westphalia will be studying the connection between algorithmic methods and choreography of movements. Among other subjects, Sicchio's workshop, curated by Music Informatics student Juliane Blum, will explore the experimental algorithmic performance at the Kolleg für Musik und Kunst Montepulciano based in Tuscany. The discussion of the Unterbrechung Unterbrechen [Interruption, Interrupting] by Florian Zeeh as well as experiments on performance-based renditions of programming paradigms bring out how succinct working with algorithms without a computer can be.


Mixing big band sounds in control room 2
In the Mischung einer BigBand [Big Band Sound Mixing] workshop, Daniel Rheinbay, Jonas Scheeler and Jannis Lehnert, who each completed the upper-level module supervised by Prof. Werner Roth and Stephan Friedrich, mixed a live recording of a Tobias Becker Big Band concert. The recording was made in January 2016 at the Bix Jazz Club in Stuttgart. Their focus was creating a solid basic mix so that students can continue working independently on the material. Mixing was done in Sound control room 2 on a Stagetec Aurus.


Copyright and related rights
In the upper-level Music and Media Management module, Music and Media Rights focuses on differentiating between copyright and related rights. While a contract with a record label transfers the so-called master rights, it is more difficult to understand copyright and its possibilities for transferring the right of usage. In the utilization of music, two rights must always be obtained by users such as labels, broadcasters or film producers. On the basis of this knowledge, tape acquisition and artist agreements are analyzed and discussed regarding ancillary copyright on the one hand and, on the other, exclusive author and music publishing agreements. Covering these aspects of copyright makes it easier to understand the areas of activity of performance-rights organizations and collecting societies such as Germany's GEMA and GVL.


Text and Score - Speech Duo - Predatory Breathing
On July 15, the painter and lyricist Angela Fette and composer and artist Christian Jendreiko will be guests in the Artistic Text seminar. Angela Fette is not only a member of the music duo WEISSER WESTEN [WHITE VESTS] but also performs as a text and sound art soloist. She will talk about her own projects as well as the vocal part she narrates on the Vision Vulkano recording done in collaboration with composer Christian Jendreiko, who is also active as an artist at the hobbypopMUSEUM. Jendreiko will also present his text scores, which serve as the notational basis for music performances of epic dimensions.


Falk Grieffenhagen to be sessional lecturer for Visual Music Systems
Beginning this October, Falk Grieffenhagen will be a sessional lecturer at the IMM in Visual Music Systems in the Visual Music major concentration. Falk Grieffenhagen completed a degree in Audio and Video Engineering at Düsseldorf’s Robert Schumann Hochschule and University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and subsequently studied jazz saxophone at the Cologne University of Music, with minors in clarinet, flute and piano. After various sound control, gaming and visual arts projects, since 2013 he has been a regular member of the group Kraftwerk and as video operator is responsible for programming the group’s current 3D stereo concert show.