Mark Borthwick

Lectures at IMM

BASECAMP - a location people gather at before climbing up to a mountaintop. That's where the adventurer prepares the crucial step of the journey, shares experiences with fellow travellers and checks the gear one more time.

It's the perfect metaphor for lectures at the Institute For Music And Media in Duesseldorf.

Greenhorns seek the expert's opinion. Like-minded people exchange experiences. Insider tips will be passed on. New tools introduced and tested. Threats and dangers explored. Passion shared and inspired. Risks discovered. Adventures told.

But: The final decision to reach the mountaintop is a personal one.


The IMM lecture series BASECAMP was initiated in 2005 by Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling. Ever since, Professor Sperling curates the monthly event.


Current Events Programme

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Here you can find the lectures that have already taken place.


BASECAMP lectures on Vimeo

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(Photo © Mark Borthwick)