Microphones for the stage, for recordings, Lavalier microphones and firmly installable ones; high-quality headphones and headsets; ranging from plug and play to professional, wireless UHF systems; Sound Processing Series and conference systems.


Audio Export

Sales and distribution of: Aztec, DBX, Digico, Digigram, DK-Audio, Euphonics, Genelec, Lexicon, Merging, Orban, Powergold, Radiomax, Soundtracs...



Since 1983, Audio-Service Ulrich Schierbecker has been dealing with the maintenance, repair and modification of musical electronic equipment, the installation of sound studios and sales of sound studio equipment.


d&b audiotechnik

The naturally complex acoustic room behaviour consistently makes new and individual demands regarding the acoustic irradiation.



Digidesign is the leading manufacturer of computer based digital audio production systems.



IDS manufactures and distributes digital image processing components and assemblies for industrial, medical and surveillance technologies. IDS' uEye industrial cameras, of the FALCON Frame Grabber Family, plus lenses and image processing software, supply all nessesary products, from object to application.


Lehmann Audio

Seit der Firmengründung 1988 im Gebiet Pro-Audio engagiert. Die hoch-qualitativen Audiogeräte werden weltweit in professionellen Tonstudios eingesetzt.



Berlin based software company Magix AG endorsed all 2007-first-semester IMM students with the audio software Samplitude SE. Samplitude SE is part of many professional set-ups in the music/ recording industry. Owning the software helps students to work independently from the IMM studio and editing facilities and gather hands-on experience with professional audio software.


Media Assistance

Manufacturer of "Minnetonka"-software for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. International manufacturer of "Vincent Burel's audio-

mechanics & soundbreeder". Distributor and retailer of "Merging Technologies".


MSM Studios

Some time during the year 1990 we had the idée fixe of being able to bring out the most of productions, more than had ever been possible – new means, new ideas, a new feeling!


Musikelektronik Geithain

We are convincing criminals in the area of loudspeakers. That's why we develop and build our monitors ourselves, meaning everything from A to Z, ranging from amplifier electronics all the way to voice coils of the chassis.



Neutrik is one of the leading manufacturer of professional entertainment connector systems.



Instruments for studio applications – according to this motto RTW has been developing and manufacturing products for the sound studio engineering business for over 25 years now.



The name Schoeps has a good standing worldwide and is associated with products that are not only convincing because of their great quality but also because of their simple elegance and practical and detailed solutions.



Innovation and know-how – these are the trademarks of one of the worldwide leading companies in electroacoustics. Ranging from individual audio products up to entire system solutions.



The range of services comprises the sales and distribution of microphones for shows, concerts and theatres, wireless systems, installation solutions, in-ear-monitoring-systems, computer-based speech recognition microphones as well as pick-up systems for hi-fi and DJ applications.


Sommer Cable

Sommer Cable produces state-of-the-art cables for all entertainment applications.



Acoustics & Design

Planning - Realization - Measurement- Documentation

Karl-Heinz Stegmaier



The Steinberg Media Technologies AG is the name known all over the world when it comes to professional audio software. Since 1984, Steinberg has been developing, producing and selling software products for professional musicians and producers of the music, video and film industry.



Workstations, multi track, mixers, computer hardware, giga-software, Tascam-DJ, DAT, CD, mini disc, tape, pre-amplifier, converter.



The WDR, West-German Broadcasting Company, sponsors technical equipment for the IMM. We would like to thank the head of production for the kind and generous donation!