Media Composition

The Media Composition major involves composition exercises designed to foster stylistic flexibility over a broad musical range. The students acquire the ability to compose to both image and text as well as for specific genres and specific customer needs.

Through working with foley and sound design, all areas of visual-related sound design are dealt with, plus the ability to work as a team under pressure.



Yabanci [Stranger] by Simeon Herrmann and Michael Colella is a film about the fear of strangers that was awarded the Katholische Medienjugendpreis 2014 [Catholic Youth Media Award 2014]. The short film uses little dialogue, but makes the vaguely prejudiced mental state of a single father, whose worries about his daughter’s foreign boyfriend lead him to become a threat himself, seen and felt.
A significant contribution to this is the suggestive sound layer, which was created by Moritz Laux (film score) and Andreas Huck (sound design) as their final project in the specialisation module Media Composition 2.


Santiago Alvarez

Santiago Alvarez is a cinematic portrait of the Colombian artist of the same name. The movie was films by the Peruvian director Martin Hawie.
The music for guitar and string quartet, which oscillates between formal stringency and ethnic associations, was written, recorded and produced by Music and Media student Gregor Keienburg as final project of the specialisation module Media Composition 2.


Hochstapler [Impostor]

Hochstapler [Impostor] is a sound recording of the short story Impostor by Philip K. Dick. For his own audio play editing, Music and Media student Thomas Stanger has created nine musical cues, which are to create dramaturgical and atmospheric consolidations close to the strand of the plot. Appropriate to the cybertronic material, the sound orientates itself by the modern hybrid scoring between electronics and orchestra.
The cues 1 and 9 can be heard. The work was created as part of the final project in the specialisation module Media Composition 2 held by Prof. Andreas Grimm and Andreas Kolinski.



Apollo is an animated film by Felix Gönnert, which tells the story of a young imaginative boy, who escapes the uniform big city world with the help of a toy rocket and suddenly becomes parts of a unique space-time experience.
The film was set to music as part of the final project in the specialisation module Media Composition 2 by Music and Media students Lukas Truniger (music) and Simon Busch (sound design). In close collaboration and adhering to a jointly developed concept, a sound recording of the short film complementing both levels of design beyond film music stereotypes was created.


Der Putzfimmel [The Cleaning Maniac]

The Putzfimmel, an old-school bad guy, has finally managed to capture the superhero. Now that nothing lies in the way of world domination anymore, it seems appropriate to present the cruel intention to the former opponent in the form of a musical. Can the hero break free on time? Can the world still be saved? And does it actually matter, if evil simply has a better groove?
The two Music and Media students Markus Roser (music, voice recording) and Hanno Poths (sound design) contributed to the animated short Der Putzfimmel [The Cleaning Maniac] film by Ferdinand Engländer and Dominic Eise (Film Academy Baden-Württemberg) as part of their final project in the specialisation module Media Composition 2. The work was supervised by Prof. Andreas Grimm and Olaf Mierau.