Music and Audiovisual Media

The aim of the Music and Audiovisual Media major is to impart technical, design and artistic skills. The practical handling of modern recording equipment and access to well-equipped post-production units allows the students to create their own audiovisual products. Besides the ability to critically assess recordings, TV programmes and films, the students also develop their own mode of artistic expression.


Die Fledermaus [The Bat]

As in every year, in 2016 a major opera production took place at Düsseldorf’s Robert Schumann Hochschule in collaboration with the Deutsche Oper am Rhein. This year the operetta Die Fledermaus [The Bat] by Johann Strauß was produced. The operetta was performed five times, with a live multicam recording made of the first two performances on April 21 and 22, which were streamed live on the Internet.
The performances were recorded using the IMM video broadcasting van which features newly upgraded HD equipment. The broadcast van’s five camera systems and two additional unmanned cameras were used in the project.
Clemens Hörlbacher was the technical manager, Jonas Geyersberger the project manager and video mixer, and the audio engineer was Jannis Lehnert. 


Film portrait of artist Yana Novotorova

In this portrait, the dancer Yana Novotorova talks about the role dance plays in her life and the philosophy of contact improvisation. This contemporary dance style “involves the active discovery of all ways of moving the body which two or more persons can carry out.” (Wikipedia)
The project by Ekaterina Panteleeva (script, director, film-editing) was completed in the major concentration Music and Audiovisual Media. She was supported by Music and Media major Vitaly Kohmann, who did the filming.


Trailer: Übersetzen - Translate - Tradurre

Each summer, 50 students from the state art and music conservatories in North Rhine-Westphalia travel to the lovely Tuscan town of Montepulciano. At the invitation of the Kolleg für Musik und Kunst [Music and Art Center] of the University of Music and Dance in Cologne, participants spend two weeeks attending seminars and workshops covering a special topic each year and carry out artistic projects in interdisciplinary groups.
In 2014, a film team from IMM accompanied the annual project on the subject of Translating – Contemporary Art as Foreign Languages. Working on location and advised by Prof. Manfred Waffender, director Alexander Kühn, cameraman David Füsgen and sound engineer Moritz Hils, all Music and Media majors, captured enough footage to create the one-hour documentary Übersetzen -Translate - Tradurre, The Annual Project of the College for Music and Art Montepulciano 2014.
The film was made as a project for the Music and Audiovisual Media major concentration.


Welcome to Germany

In October 2013 three concerts were given at the Tonhalle Düsseldorf titled Entartete Musik: Willkommen in Deutschland - Ein Gedenkkonzert [Degenerate Music: Welcome to Germany – A Memorial Concert].
The concerts were a collaboration between the Symphony Orchestra of the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media and the punk band Die Toten Hosen. The concerts as well as comprehensive documentary material were recorded by students completing the upper-level Music and Audiovisual Media module.
Directed by Music and Media student David Füsgen, a 53-minute documentary film was produced with a glimpse of rehearsals, background information on the project, and the concert performances. Moritz Hils and Alexander Kühn were directors for the concert recordings. David Ropertz (major concentration in Music Production) and Charel Bourkel (major concentration in Classical Music Recording) were the audio engineers.
In October 2015 the film was published as a DVD together with a double CD of the concert.


Cassado Trio

As part of coursework in the Music and Audiovisual Media upper-level module, in May of 2015 students completed a multi-camera production in Studio 1 at the IMM.
The students recorded a performance of the Cassado Trio by Robert Schumann Hochschule students Seo Jin Yoon (piano), Wonyoung Jung (violin) and Chi Ho Choi (cello).
An edit decision list was prepared under the direction of Jonas Geyersberger prior to production work on the classical three-movement Piano Trio in C Major by Gerhard Cassado. Live recording was done from the IMM Video broadcasting van as well as with four institute-owned cameras.
Tarik Badaoui was the technical director and Tim Köhler video engineer for the production. Verena Hentschel was responsible for video mixing. The camera crew consisted of Peter Brößner, Jonas Scheler, Christopher Behrmann and Jakob Gengenbach. Tim Abramczyk and Tarik Badaoui were in charge of lighting and Fabian Kratzer and Philipp Weber were the sound engineers, who were assisted by Kai Detlefsen.
The project was supervised by Prof. Ulla Barthold, Florian Boddin, Wolfgang Schuhkraft and Prof. Manfred Waffender.