Music Production

The Music Production major includes seminars with Prof Werner Roth, in which the students engage in the recording of compositions of jazz and pop music in live and studio environments.

Various different recording situations are covered, from analog and computer-aided to in-the-box, taught by Timo Bader. Additionally, in Reinhard Klose’s seminar, students acquire knowledge of sound systems technology.


Fries Nuss Quartet – Tracy

Within the framework of the project module in the Music Production major concentration, Music and Media bachelor student Simon Busch realized recordings with the Fries Nuss Quartet in IMM’s sound control room 1 and studio 2. During the recording session, he not only played the role of the sound engineer, but also acted as drummer. The quartet exclusively performed own compositions of its band members. Here, as an example of their work, the track Tracy by bass player Robert Schulenburg. The production was supervised by IMM Professor Werner Roth.


“Do It All” by Salomea Project

Audio and Video major Johannes von Barsewisch carried out a production with the band, Salomea Project as his final examination in the upper-level Music Production module.  The music is a world music-jazz-hip-hop crossover. The band members are Rebekka Salomea-Ziegler (vocals), Leif Berger (drums), Yannis Anft (keyboards), Oli Spielberger (bass) and Nick Reinhartz (percussion).
A total of six pieces were recorded in Studio 2 of the IMM. Johannes von Barsewisch was responsible for recording, post-producdtion and audio mixing. Lukas Lohner, Kai Schlegel and Daniel Langemann assisted him.
Johannes von Barsewisch was awarded a Silver Award for his work on the song Do It All (the working title was Rise and Shine) at the Student Recording Competition of the 138th AES Convention in Warsaw, the most important competition for students of audio engineering. His work was supervised by Prof. Werner Roth.


things you wanna

For his Audio 2 exam, Stefan Wolf, student at the Audio and Video Engineering program, recorded, mixed and produced two songs he had composed himself. At the same time, he acted as musician (vocals, guitar, Fender Rhodes, piano) along with the two IMM students, Julian Klapp (drums) and Michael Verhoeven (bass). Recording and mixing took place in studio 2 and audio control room 2 of the IMM. IMM professor Werner Roth supervised the production. As an example of their music the song things you wanna can be listened to.


Nico Vetter - Unstoppable (Mystery Skull Remix)

Nico Vetter, a student in the Music and Media bachelor program, is the winner of the remix contests run by the American electro/dance pop band Mystery Skulls. The task was to remix the song Unstoppable using the individual tracks provided. For the remix, however, Nico only used the vocals track together with different harmonies, beats and sounds to create an entirely different song.
This remix is Nico Vetter's final exam for Computer-Aided Music Production as part of his major in Music Production.


Liquid Lightning - You want it all (snippet)

Gerrit Kress, student at IMM, has produced, recorded and mixed three songs of the electro rock band Liquid Lightnin from Düsseldorf for his Audio 2 exam. The recordings took place in various premises, both external studios as well as IMM’s sound control room 1 and studio 2. The production was supervised by IMM professor Werner Roth. A snippet from the track You want it all can be heard as an example of the work.