The Institute For Music And Media (IMM), founded October 2004, is part of the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media (RSH) Düsseldorf, Germany. Its task is to realize a unity of teaching, art practice, research and artistic development in the field of music and media through interdisciplinary cooperation between different academic fields.


In terms of curriculum and research, the IMM currently provides two different programs:


1. The eight-semester bachelor program Audio and Video, which is offered in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and which leads to a Bachelor of Engineering.


2. The eight-semester bachelor program Music and Media, which covers a broader field in art and which leads to a Bachelor of Music.



Music and Media, Bachelor of Music (B. Mus.)
The Music and Media progam combines a wide spectrum of subjects, allowing students to investigate, question, invent and convey mediality artistically and scientifically. It is not intended as a narrow training, but instead provides a deep and independent education with priorities chosen by the students. The emphasis lies on an advanced artistic involvement in the field between music and media, with theory and practice closely interlaced, following the principles of unity between research and teaching.

Building on foundation subjects such as musicology, audio production, media history and sensory awareness, the other disciplines can be freely combined – a focus on Media Composition opens up new and advanced possibilities of music and sound for films and a wide range of media. Students of Music Informatics do reserach on algorithms, sound installations and experimental music. Music Production introduces rich possibilities of studio engineering. Music and Audiovisual Media communicates the multifaceted properties of camera and editing. Legal and economic knowledge is provided by Music and Media Management, whilst Music and Text develops the culture of critical or poetic writing. Classical Music Recording introduces the intricacies of recording classical music. Last but not least, Visual Music opens up the world between seeing and hearing and works on new forms of designing animated images. The program is supported by one-to-one musical tuition at the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media. The students' own musical development overlaps with their work with films, computers, texts and other perhaps still undiscovered media. The students' independent projects have an impact reaching far beyond the institute, guest lectures provide additional insights into contemporary research, society and art.


> Module descriptions for Music and Media, B.Mus.



Audio and Video, Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
The Audio and Video program addresses those who wish to combine a technical engineering program with artistic study at a high level and do not want to settle on a ready-made job description. It emphasizes free combination of professional competencies to cope with those situations where audio and video require creative and technical decisions at the same time. Therefore, parts of the program take place at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf.

A broad range of subjects is brought together in Audio and Video: in such a way, Classical Music Recording meets Media Composition, musicology meets physics, communications engineering meets multi-camera production. As with the Music and Media program, various subjects expand on these principles (for details see) – Classical Music Recording, Media Composition, Music Informatics, Music Production, Music and Audiovisual Media, Music and Media Management, Music and Text, and Visual Music.

During the last phase of the program, these strands come together and the students accomplish independent projects. Regular guest lectures provide additional insights into contemporary research, society and art.

The Audio and Video program, which is a further development of the renowned Düsseldorf Audio and Video Engineering program, combines one-to-one instrumental or vocal tuition at the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media with the technical principles necessary when working professionally on audio and video recordings. Previously tightly defined, the field has expanded, and leads to rich combinations such as orchestral performance and film, computers and students' own bands, theory and new technical developments.


> Module descriptions for Audio and Video, B.Eng.


A master program is in the process of planning, admission will start not earlier than 2016.