Video editing 2

This digital video editing desk can be used for processing, editing and composing filmed video material (DVCAM, Mini DV and Betacam SP). Import and export of the material can be done via analog Components- or Composite- players. A colour components waveform- monitor allows the user to control the measurement of the video level.
For dubbing, a sychronised DAT recorder is connected to the system. A Barco monitor references the postproduction process of the material via SDI- plugs. All editing desks are connected. Data can be recalled from any machine.



Video-Editing Desk, Avid Media Composer 1000 XL

Betacam SP Recorder, Sony UVW-1800P

DV Recorder, Sony DSR-45P

S-VHS Recorder (NTSC and PAL), Panasonic NV-HS 870

Waveform Monitor, Tektronix WFM 1761

Monitor, Barco ADVM14

SCSI Harddrive-Rack, Avid MediaDock Ultra320

DAT Recorder, DA60 MK-II

Audio Amplifyer, JBL Control 1

Mixingdesk, Eurorack UB1622FX-Pro

Tamuz Broadcast HD-SDI Monitor

Lacie Blu-Ray-Brenner