Audio equipment rental

The audio equipment rental is open five days a week for one hour. During this time the students can pick up the equipment they need for their projects and also bring back the tools they no longer need.

The equipment in stock can serve complete multiple projects at the same time. If necessary, it can also be used for completing the studio equipments. Furthermore, the equipment is also used for university seminars and workshops. The lending period depends on the duration of the respective project.






Mackie 24/8/2

Soundcraft 200B, SpiritLive4², Spirit Digital

Studer 169


Recording Equipment:

Alesis HD24XR

Sony R500

Tascam DA-88, DA-30 MK-II, DA-P1


Effect and Dynamic Processors:

Behringer Composer, Intelligate

Klark-Teknik EQ, Analyser

Drawmer Dual DS 201

Korg Triple Delay

Lexicon PCM60, PCM70

t.c.electronic TC2240

Yamaha SPX 90, SPX 990, SPX 1000, REV 5, REV 1


Studio Monitors:

Genelec 1029A

Klein and Hummel 098

Tannoy 600A


Condenser Microphones:

AKG C414 TL-II, C-414 B-ULS, C-547 BL, C3000B, C4000B

Audio-Technica ATM11R

Brüel & Kjaer 4003

Neumann KM184, KM83, KM84, KM86, KMS84i, KMS85, RSM191, SM69, U87, U89

Schoeps BLM3, MK2, MK2S, MK5, MK8

Sennheiser MKE212R, MKH20, MKH30, MKH40, MKH50, MKH60, MKH416, MKH816


Dynamic Microphones:


ElectroVoice DS35

Sennheiser 5032P, MD421, MD431, MD441H, MD441U, e604

Shure SM57, SM58



Beyerdynamic NE185

Sennheiser Receiving Installation EM3532-U, Antenna Splitter ASP1,

Hand-held transmitter microphones (N)




Crown Amcron600, PSA-2

Bose 802CS, 802II

Yamaha S20X



Laptop with RME Digiface

RME AD/DA-Converter


Headphone Amplifier



Microphone Accessories